2015 Mercerat Winter Dance Concert

Hello out there…We have moved to the Mercer Island Community Center for all Mercerart’s dance classes. We moved before the Winter Concert and “got going”. The concert was on January 11th at the Mercer Island VFW Hall. I chose this venue to commemorate when and where I started teaching on Mercer Island. (that was in 1957). The hall has been restored to fine condition and the concert went smoothly. There’s a memory! Here’s the history..Glenn Hughes was head of the U of W Drama Department when I came to the University. He gave me free UW tuition and a dorm room + free transportation, a complete scholarship with many benefits BUT..I was to do the choreography for the theatres (all 3..The Penthouse, the Playhouse, and the Showboat (on Lake Washington). I was to audition for all shows AND do the choreography for the Music Dept. Well, one day Professor Hughes called me in and said the Sherman Diamond, quote, “Who ran the bank on Mercer Island (Seafirst by the Floating Bridge Inn) was in need of a choreographer. A Mercer Island psychiatrist, Lorraine Milar, had written a musical and I was to go to the M. Is. VFW Hall and do the choreography for her show. I didn’t know where this venue was and I asked Ray Kaltenbach (later to become my husband) where the Hall was located and he said that he would take me there. After the show closed the people in the show and those in the audiences wanted me to come to the hall and teach them and their children to dance! There, you have the history! Sooooo it was fun to return to the place where I started teaching and have this 2015 Winter Concert. “Time goes by so slowly, and time can mean so much” NOW…ONWARD for Mercerart Dance and the dancers in 2015 Ray, as a professional musician himself, reminded me “just now” of an interesting quirk in working with the composer’s music for this show..the composer could only play the black keys of the piano…therefore all of the music was in thekey of Fsharp. All the musicians and singers had to work in this key. However, you can dance in any key. You should have been there.